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Me kreda ke plu bon nome vud es "Sudi Afrika" pro ke "sud" signifika "south of". Nov ialiste 01:57, 1 desembre 2008 (UTC)

I thought the "i" could be dropped if the meaning was clear. If you are referring to "of" in the context similar to "de" in latin languages, then it doesn't matter ("li sud de Afrika"). Seen from another angle, would "Sudi Afrika" not mean "Southern Africa", which would refer to the region (e.g. en:SADC). --Wayne 12:21, 6 desembre 2008 (UTC)
As an example, I originally chose "Sud Amerika" but recently changed it to "Sudi Amerika". Sud Amerika literally means "to the south of America" because "sud" means "located south of".
I did notice the problem of distinguishing "southern Africa" from "South Africa". For that reason, maybe we could accept "Sud Afrika" in contrast to "sudi Afrika" (southern Africa). Page redirects exist anyway when a page name is changed. So "Sud Amerika" redirects to "Sudi Amerika". Nov ialiste 06:43, 17 desembre 2008 (UTC)