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Nov ialist - thanks for the editing. One question (probably out of ignorance) - why Geografia and not Geografe? I don't find it in the NL (E geography; F géographie and D Geographie). The normal -e noun form makes the most sense to me. --Wayne 14:40, 1 januare 2007 (UTC)

"Geografe" is a geographer, from which is derived "geografia" the "domain of geographers". There are quite a lot like this "filosofe", "biologe" etc. French has e.g. "pholosophe", philosopher, so it is fairly naturalistic. I noticed you used "aktuare" for "actuary" which looks good.

aktuare actuary

aktuaral actuarial

aktuaria area an actuary works in (not sure of the English)

Another possibility is:

aktuarie actuary

aktuarial actuarial

? area an actuary works in (aktuariia is not good.)

Nov ialiste 18:42, 1 januare 2007 (UTC)